Digital Transformation

From June 30th invoicing changes with Peppol

With IX for PEPPOL you can:

Receive, with a mail notification, orders from PA and send Transport document in XML PEPPOL format. In case your ERP is not XML PEPPOL format ready, IX PEPPOL allows to create a PDF file from the document or manually insert data with a wizard.

Integration with ARXivar: for a comprehensive management of the entire order cycle

For an integrated management of all order cycle stages, IX can interface with ARXivar, out Information & Process Management platform. We offer customize solutions to manage all the process steps:

  • Receive order from PA through IX portal
  • Generate and send DDT in XML PEPPOL format
  • Send transport documents manually or automatically (using an ARXivar wokflow) with IX portal
  • Generate, obtain and send digital invoices with IX portal
  • Elettronical storage of invoices and documents
  • Shared and organized digital archive of documents, invoices, orders and deliveries.