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Expenses report digital management

ARXivar solution for managing your spending notes enables the dematerialization of the entire process : from acquiring expense documentation to digital archiving of all documentation


  • Acquisition with smartphones or tablets
  • Acquisition with scanner

Data Extraction

  • OCR recognizes the documents by distinguishing invoices, receipts, etc.
  • OCR extracts: date of issue, VAT, issuer and total expense

Reconciliation of the report as recognized by the OCR

The system populates a report by associating each receipt to the correct line . The report can be signed handwritten or digitally.

Authorization process

Scanned documents are sent to the HR office who verifies the correct management of the spending notes and may possibly require supplementations or modifications (in the absence of a receipt or in the presence of unauthorized expense)

  • Invoices (passive accounting) are sent to administration
  • Other documents at the HR office or management

Compliant archiving

You can submit all processed documents, in-house or outsourced, to archiving process.


For Users

  • Wizard and assisted (documentation to be confirmed only)
  • Documents in digital right away
  • Great savings on printing, copying, lining, postage and storage

For HR

  • Document moves in real time
  • Instant Exchange of messages with who sent the documentation
  • Improved control capability on incoming documentation