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Ivar, water-thermal-sanitary picks ARXivar to control flows and open up to the future


Ivar is a top-quality group in the Italian industrial landscape. Specialized in highly technological hydronic systems coupled with top levels of energy efficiency, Ivar was established in 1985 with a strong focus on the export, so much so that the markets abroad have been the main target.

Our mission is the design and manufacturing of advanced hydronic solutions in order to keep the installation process simple and obtain the best energy savings possible”, Marketing Manager Cristina Stefani says. Such a value proposition expresses itself in the idea of being “fully innovative”. That means the ability to modernize products and processes constantly in order to offer the most complete service to the market, one which is represented by water, thermal and sanitary wholesalers, thermo-technical designers and tehnicians.

Ivar 02
Cristina Stefani | Marketing Manager IVAR


25,000 pieces as part of its offer, a widespread presence in 70 countries worldwide, with 13 local branches and 150 million Euros in revenues, these are the company’s numbers when it comes to business. “We are experts in customizing products – the manager goes on – and we also invest significantly in research and development. This is true for machineries and new technologies, but also for the concept of new products. Cubodomo is one such success story, a smart programmable thermostat designed to adjust temperature in the home via mobile app, enabling as much as 40% in heating savings. Furthermore, we have total control over the supply chain from end-to-end.

The company has got Iso 9001 certification for quality, ISO 14001 for the environment, ISO 18001 for safety, ISO 50001 for energy. As of recently, it has given birth to a direct line for technical support at pre and post sales stages: the Orange Line. Moreover, the Ivar Academy has started ongoing professional training and it is publishing prestigious magazines such as the “Compendio di idraulica per tecnici del riscaldamento”.


Our partnership with Able Tech has been in place for roughly 9 years – Ivar Ict Manager Massimo Moimare says – and we have always worked with technical personnel from Able Tech, leveraging ARXivar to its fullest potential. Besides the typical advantages granted by document-management software, ARXivar has served us well in other aspects, and that has proven essential in our business line”. Dramatically cutting time and costs, reducing errors, saving on paper: these are the main upsides in every company.

As for Ivar, the ARXivar platform has enabled even more: work-flow management. “We are talking about formal verification of the customers’ orders, with control by default and alert systems if something goes wrong, but we are also talking about flows especially for distributing technical drawings to create new products. This is something that has allowed us to better manage the production and control stages, working closely with all the needed specialists inside the company. Thanks to the interaction with the ERP system, we have been able to cut down on delivery time, ultimately making our customers even more satisfied. Our business has been improved from it”.


Not just suppliers, but technology partners. Ivar holds other companies in this role that contribute to its own success. And more advantages are yet to be gained in a win-win cooperation, also in the future. “We are not going to sit on our laurels. On the contrary, we are constantly on the lookout for new market opportunities, be these the smart city business, domotics or industry 4.0. Our very DNA is infused with innovation. Other key-words are for us sustainable development, environment, and corporate social responsibility”.


Massimo Moimare | ICT Manager IVAR