Firenze Fiera Basilica Convention

Made in Italy meets digital technology with Firenze Fiera


Firenze Fiera S.p.A. is a leader in Tuscany and beyond, when it comes to the field of exhibition centres, managing a building with great appeal located near the Santa Maria Novella railway station and the new urban tramline.

The company hosts many relevant events, ranging from fashion to manufacturing, from national and international conventions in the scientific and medical fields, to technology and innovation. “Firenze Fiera is the main exhibition hub in Tuscany and the whole middle Italy; the company manages a very special building with no comparison in the world, thanks to its unique appeal” says Sandro Nocchi, director of Firenze Fiera.

The value proposition in the market consists of the prestige of hosting events in one of the most exclusive location in the world, as well as to count on a highly qualified staff that brings services to the customer. “We offer cutting edge technology and services, including Wifi, perfectly integrating with one another. They enrich with a unique value proposition a formidable experience in a historical venue, with high emotional impact”.


Firenze Fiera S.p.A. turned to Able Tech to meet the needs of digital document management. The company was looking for a solution with powerful workflow engine, so that the internal operations workflow could have been better managed thanks to digital management.

Central to its strategy is digitization, to get various kinds of benefits and enable greater efficiency, taking a step towards the future. “Workflow digitization is a primary necessity for us – the manager says – coming from the need for more modern ways to manage our assets. We wanted to cut costs related to paper and reduce our environmental impact, streamline processes and get benefits from the information we have, often computed in different databases and a host of applications. We aim at optimizing processes and procedures, tools and applications, cutting inefficiencies and making the processes quicker”.

Today, ARXivar is the engine for accounting and administrative tasks that are related to work and commission in Firenze Fiera. Able Tech’s ARXivar allows for data checking, saving huge amount of time against paper management, also allowing for a streamline of internal procedures, keeping track of approval steps and improving data sharing. 

This partnership between Firenze Fiera and Able Tech will go on – it is thought – thanks to the extension of digitization to other important procedures like those related to the 231 legislation regarding compliance, where Arxivar will be a part of the IT toolkig implemented by Firenze Fiera.

Firenze Fiera Basilica Convention
Sandro Nocchi | Administration Director of Firenze Fiera
Arxivar News Premio Innovazione FirenzeFiera
The award


The company is also among those who have won the Smau Bologna 2018 Innovation Award, bestowed as an Italian excellence and an innovation model for public companies.

“Digitization and integration with ERP systems have been very important to win the award – Nocchi explains – which is an incentive for us to proceed on the way of efficiency and competitiveness in a field like that of exhibition hubs, which stay relevant even today, in the age of digital technology, because people feel the need to have personal contact with business partners.

“Research centres tell us there is a 60-billion euro business when it comes to promoting and marketing events, with great return on investments in brands related to Made in Italy”..