ARxivar hackathon at WMF19: 49 developers to innovate information management with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

On 21 June, the ARXivar hackathon powered by AWS was held at the Web Marketing Festival: 49 developers challenged each other to apply Blockchain Machine Learning technologies to information management.


Blockchain and Machine Learning are mature technologies that Able Tech believes it will be able to integrate into its products and services in the near future for increasingly efficient management of corporate information. In particular, blockchain has also been identified at European level (Article 41 of European Regulation No. 910/2014 – eIDAS) as a suitable tool for temporal validation. While machine learning with text categorisation techniques can support automated document management in business processes.


The 49 developers who challenged each other to come up with their own solutions really impressed us with their expertise: Data Scientists and Computer Engineers divided into 11 teams and competed for 12 hours to come up with working demos and effective presentations of their work.
During the hackathon, the teams were supported by Giuliano Roversi (CSPO Arxivar Next & Team Leader) and Riccardo Zanardini (Able Tech Technical Product Manager) from the Abletech Development Department and a team of AWS (Amazon Web Services) Solution Architects.


Winners of the AI / Machine Learning Hackathon Challenge
Team 5
: Pierpaolo Paolini(Data Scientist), Massimiliano Laferrara (Dev) Matteo Locatelli (Data Scientist) Matteo Condelli (Data Scientist) Pietro Avallone (Data Scientist)

Hackathon winners – Challenge BlockChain
Team 2
: Flavio Cordari (Computer Engineer), Marco Maggiotti (Manager Data Scientist), Matteo Curatolo (Data Scientist)