ARXivar for ACLI

Case history implemented by Consoft for client ACLI

The company

The ACLI are an association of lay Christians who promotes work and workers, educates and encourages active citizenship, defends, helps and supports citizens, especially those who are marginalised or at risk of social exclusion.Through a widespread and organised network of clubs, services, businesses, projects and specific associations, the ACLI helps to build the bonds of society, encouraging forms of participation and democracy.

The demand

ACLI was looking for a technological solution to streamline operational procedures, facilitate and speed up access to information and consequently reduce management costs

The Solution

With ARXivar ACLI introduced:

  • Managing incoming/outgoing mail
  • Management of internal communications
  • Confidential protocol management
  • Multi-channel management of company communications (mail, PEC, fax, …)
  • Assigning security rules and tracking changes
  • Sorting to Users/Groups (allocation of documents by competence and monitoring of workloads)
  • Management of approval flows
  • Sharing of documents also with external users by means of appropriately profiled Download and Upload features
  • Schedule of main company activities
  • Reporting system


  • Centralisation and standardisation of the corporate communications management process
  • Increased security: impossibility of losing stored documents and controlled access
  • Simplification of operational procedures and assignment of workflows by competence
  • Easy retrieval of documents and advanced search criteria
  • Faster turnaround of the entire process and reduction of direct and indirect operating costs