ARXivar for Acqua Novara

Case history developed by Able Tech for the customer Acqua Novara

The company

The Company GRUPPO ACQUA NOVARA VCO S.p.A. is a entirely public capital company, operator of the integrated water service in 137 municipalities in the provinces of Novara and Verbano, Cusio, Assola (VCO).

The demand

The company was looking for a single product that would allow the automated management of the active and passive cycle of company documents and, at the same time, avoid the paper archiving process by storing documents in electronic form.

The solution

  • Payroll management: The document is imported and “broken up”. The information obtained is used to populate the profile fields, necessary for electronic storage of the payroll and to link documents relating to the same employee.
  • Sickness certificates: ARXivar imports the document and populates the profile fields useful for generating the link with other related documents, as well as storing them in the employee’s “File”.