ARXivar for AutoRigoldi

Adawen case history for customer AutoRigoldi

The company

Autorigoldi has been a Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi dealer in Milan since 1906. Today, after more than 110 years, with six sales offices, four service and spare parts centres, and a very modern Spare Parts Distribution Centre, AutoRigoldi S.p.a. is a point of reference for the automobile in Milan.

The demand

Autorigoldi needed to manage data and information digitally from the very beginning by centralising this management.

The Solution

The project, carried out by Adawen, enabled the integration of ARXivar with the company’s CROSS2 DMS and Microsoft NAV Dynamics accounting systems. Autorigoldi’s processes and documents are managed centrally, digitally and remotely.


  • The documentation can be consulted electronically at any time and regardless of location.
  • Processes are easily controlled remotely and automatically regulated.
  • The implemented workflows make it possible to manage processes and consult documents quickly and easily even if you are not physically in the company.
  • Less paperis used in the quotation stage, where forms with many pages are usually printed.
  • A single document linked to the sale is created so as not to duplicate and confuse different copies.
  • The document follows a pre-established path through the interested users who will have to give their approval in order to proceed to the next step.