ARXivar for Bucci Industries

Case history developed by Talea Consulting for customer Bucci Industries

The company

Bucci Indusries is a world leader in the fields of industrial automation&robotics and new advanced composites materials.

The demand

• Managing Electronic Invoicing integrated with the company ERP.
• Automate the management of sending technical documents to suppliers, linked to purchase orders.
• Structure and optimise data entry in the title block on technical documents.

The Solution

Electronic invoicing: Automation of sending active invoices and receiving passive invoices, with automatic management of notifications.

Drawing management: Storage of technical drawings, importing all the information of article code, version, validity date. When a modification is imported, the management system is updated with the drawing metadata and notes on the modification.

Purchase Orders: When the purchase order is issued, headers with the attached PDF and all order rows with specific metadata are imported (Article code, Revision, expected delivery date) so that a process, for each line, recovers the correct version of the drawing, resizes and reorients the drawing in A4 format and applies the data of the order line on the drawing in the form of a cartouche



• Timely information also reported on the ERP DB.

• Alleviation of manual operations in sharing information with suppliers.

• Simplification of the production process management, thanks to the introduction of
barcodeson the cartoons.

• Timely sharing of purchase orders with suppliers.
• Guaranteed traceability and monitoring of purchase orders.
• Reduction in error propagation due to incorrect versioning of the technical drawing

Flexibility to adapt to changes in operational processes according to actual business needs