ARXivar for C.A.D.F

Talea Consulting‘s case history for the customer C.A.D.F.

The company

C.A.D.F. S.p.a. was established in 2001 from the transformation of the Consorzio Acque Delta Ferrarese. The purpose of C.A.D.F. is the associated management of the entire cycle of water collection, purification, potabilization and distribution.

The demand

Streamline the incoming, outgoing and internal document flow, in order to improve the service to its Users, especially in terms of reducing the time taken to manage files.

The solution

  • Electronic storage, management and sorting of incoming documents (any format) to the relevant offices
  • Document management monitoring
  • Organisation of Information and Documents by Customer
  • Registering and managing documents relating to requests for opinions or certifications for domestic and industrial installations
  • Project management
  • PA electronic invoicing
  • PEC, tenders and contracts management