ARXivar for Casa del Dolce

MCG Case History for the Customer Casa del Dolce

The company

Casa del Dolce is a confectionery company based in Fara Gera d’Adda (Bergamo). In 1950, Enrico Castellazzi decided to found the craft laboratory, starting a long tradition characterised by attention to the person, the market and research and development.

The demand

Casa del Dolce was looking for a solution to:

  • Analyse processes in order to define those with the greatest added value. In particular, the aim was to check all the documents managed within the company, defining for each one the implications for efficient digital management.
  • Manage the offers to customers by making the process of managing and sending offers and contractspaperless.
  • Introducing electronic invoicing perfectly integrated with the company’s ERP translates a legal obligation into a competitive advantage.

The Solution

The solution realised thanks to ARXivar’s versatility and flexibility was organised in the following points:

  • Creation of predefined templates that allowed a guided form entry of the documents needed to manage the customer’s offer file.
  • The creation of a special digital authorisation workflow made it possible to circulate information paperless (paperless solution) while still guaranteeing the normal approval flow.
  • Management of outgoing flows. Once approved, the file is sent by e-mail (within ARXivar) directly to the customer.
  • Customer replies. If the customer responds to the e-mail, it is archived and automatically associated with the offer. A task is opened for the user responsible for entering it, indicating the final outcome.


  • Simplification and optimisation of employees’ work.
  • Fully digitalised authorisation.
  • Introduction of a “paperless” solution that brought a significant reduction in printing and management costs.
  • Automatic document sending with tracking of managed and sent documents.
  • Reduced approval cycletime.