ARXivar for CEA COOP

Case history developed by Able Tech for customer CEA COOP

The company

CEA, Cooperativa Edile Appennino, is a general construction company active on the market since 1982, operating in both the public and private sectors.

The demand

In the field of HR, the company was looking for a solution to efficiently and rigorously manage the processes of assigning human resources to sites according to specific tasks and qualifications. The company worked only with an Excel spreadsheet, updated weekly.

There was therefore no overview and management of the job description and qualifications, except by relying on memory or the raising of a problem or deficiency.

The Solution

Web interface:

A web interface for simplified management of the weekly assignment of workers and technical employees to individual orders, integrated with ARXivar displays all company employees on a vertical axis, all open work sites on a horizontal axis

When the HR manager clicks on an employee’s line, at a worksite, a pop-up prompts him/her to fill in the job for which he/she will be employed, displaying those for which he/she already has medical and training qualifications and those for which he/she does not have the necessary qualifications


  • Accurate overviewof resources thanks to the tasks/skills matrix available.
  • Immediate evidence of educational and medical qualifications.
  • Automatic management of learning schedules or medical visits.
  • Optimisation of time allocation of human resources to sites.