ARXivar for Coopfidi

Innovaresoft case history for customer Coofidi

The company

Coopfidi is a Collective Loan Guarantee Consortia that facilitates access to credit for small and medium-sized enterprises and professionals, offering advice and guarantees on financial products.

The demand

Coopfidi was looking for a solution that could digitise the process of receiving, validating and approving loan applications.

  • Tracking the intake and management of files
  • Eliminate paper documents and their manual processing by users
  • Overcome inefficiencies due to paperwork exchange between agencies and central organisations.

The solution

  • Digitalisation and automation of the guarantee application process.
  • Digital generation of files using predefined form for data entry.
  • Automatic monitoring of time and deadlines.
  • Automatic notification recall when deadlines are not met.