ARXivar for Copma

Case history developed by Gescad for the customer Copma

The company

Copma is a cooperative company based in Ferrara, operating in the service sector.

Settori di specializzazione:

  • Cleaning and sanitising environments in large communities.
  • Maintenance, design and implementation of green areas.
  • Cleaning and sanitisation, installations, air treatment.
  • Transport, food, refectory management and meal distribution

The demand

The company was looking for a document and process management tool that was:

  • easy to use,
  • also available to remote users,
  • integrable with the management system in use.

The solution

ARXivar proved to be the ideal tool because of the ability to modulate the starting configuration, giving the company’s in-house development team total control of the platform. It was therefore possible to intervene on:

  • Simple storage of paper documents, also accessible to users in external offices;
  • Integration of document categories spread throughout the company with definition of rules and confidentiality for access to documents.