ARXivar for Culligan

Case history developed by Able Tech for customer Culligan

The company

Culligan Italiana offers everything from small domestic systems to large industrial systems, from thermal power stations to ultra-pure water for sanitary applications or the electronics industry, to the supply of drinking water to entire cities.

The demand

Culligan relied on an external provider for the electronic storage of tax documents; active invoices were sent through a PDF stream, delivery notes and passive invoices were then scanned.


  • Rigidity of the system and impossibility of customisation
  • Poor integration with the ERP system and “delays” in the availability of the digitised document
  • Lack of control of the storage process
  • Costs based on volume of documents handled

The solution

By choosing ARXivar, Culligan has adopted a document and BPM system that allows it to streamline daily operations and increase process control.

  • Integration between the ERP system and ARXivar
  • Active and passive cycle management (commercial offers, sales orders, etc.)
  • Storage of all accounting records (VAT, stamps, etc.)
  • Authorisation processes (purchase requests and payments to suppliers) through workflow
  • Electronic storage of tax documents


  • Reduction and optimisation of production time (and therefore costs).
  • Elimination of paper
  • Versioning of technical drawings updated in real time
  • Facilitating operators in their activities, with a substantial streamlining of operational processes