ARXivar for Duferdofin-Nucor

Case history implemented by Smeup for the customer Duferdofin-Nucor

The company

Born from the strategic alliance between two important world players in the steel sector, Duferco Group and Nucor Corporation, Duferdofin-Nucor is today a primary point of reference in Italy, Europe and North Africa for the production of beams and long rolled products.

The demand

The company intended to acquire a fast and effective document management system to manage the Active and Passive Cycle in order to achieve a significant reduction in production time, storage and search for business documents and that, at the same time, dematerialisation would make it possible to avoidpaper storage by bringing documents into digital storage.

The Solution

For document storage, an integration between ARXivar and Sme.UP ERP was implemented.

To store the Active Cycle documents, Spool Recognition rules were created to derive the information needed to populate the profile fields.

The storage of the Passive Cycle documents was carried out using the barcode technique, that is the affixing on the document to be acquired of a label formed according to shared rules to allow unattended mass scanning of documents.
The connector allows the printing / reprinting of barcode labels by retrieving the necessary information for document profiles directly from Sme.UP ERP.

All the work involved in storage, document organisation and process management did not disrupt the operators’ way of working.

Moreover, the integration allows documents stored in ARXivar to be consulted by the various Sme.UP ERP applications.


  • Simplification of the storage process with consequent reduction of storage costs
  • Automation of the Customer Invoices sending process with tracking and monitoring of reception
  • Decreasing volume of printed paper
  • Eliminating search times for paper documents
  • More efficient document sharing