ARXivar for Ecol Studio Bioikos

Case history developed by Talea Consulting for the customer Ecol Studio Bioikos

The company

Ecol Studio Bioikos is a company specialised in laboratory analysis, consultancy and education.

The demand

Improved customer service: Adopt a solution that allows easy and fast access to all the information needed to formulate the offer, both by the customer, the operator who has to formulate the offer, and those responsible for monitoring the process.

The Solution

ARX KPI: the tool developed on the QlikView platform capable of carrying out performance analysis of ARXivar’s Information and ProcessManagement.

Business management:

  • Analysis of Processesagainst standard timescales, quantity and type of Processes initiated and concluded over time, measurement of delays and performance.
  • Analysis of Offers by Sector, Service Offered, Resp. Commercial.
  • Analysis of Offer Processing times.
  • Analysis of complaints and their outcome.
  • Acceptance time analysis.

Order management:

  • Analysis at individual task in order to monitor user performance.
  • Activity delivery analysis.
  • Checking for deviations between planned and actual hours.

Turnover Analysis: Analysis by sector, service, customer


  • Standardisation of workflows
  • Single repository of corporate information
  • Data imputed punctually by whoever generates it and only once (used for different purposes)
  • Speed of data accessibility
  • Traceability of activities performed
  • Flexibility to adapt to changes in operational processes according to actual business needs