ARXivar for Farnese

Case history for the customer Farnese

The company

Farnese Pneumatici SpA is a company specialising in Import – Export of tyres and rims for cars, trucks and motorbikes. Over the years it has consolidated and expanded its already widespread distribution network in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing, thanks to its unquestionable experience, the best customer service, which has always been considered the company’s true asset.

The demand

The company needed to organise paper documentation, in particular documents concerning the organisational area of administration. At the same time, he wanted to reduce or totally eliminate the use of paper documents.

The solution

  • Integration with the management system in use, automatic archiving of active cycle documents
  • Printing of sales documents with barcode
  • Automatic barcode capture of supplier invoices
  • Activation of the Electronic Storage module