ARXivar for IDG

Case history developed by Bios Management for customer IDG Elettroforniture

The company

IDG is a leader and specialist in thedistribution of electrical equipment. The group operates in various sectors, such as civil, industrial automation, lighting and also in emerging sectors related to energy saving.

The demand

Improving the production process of Cabled Switchboards, which are semi-finished products from external subcontractors and then delivered to customers for final laying.

The Solution

Bios Management with ARXivar supports IDG Spa in the management and monitoring of orders for wired switchboards, with the implementation of two workflows and through the exchange of information with the company management system.

1. Process of creating orders.
2. Process for managing the return of electrical panels.

Some of the benefits achieved

  • Automation of the information gathering process for order management
  • Drastic reduction of data entry in the management system thanks to the integration, that does not require any operation by users.
  • Greater punctuality and accuracy in engaging subcontractors.
  • Always updated information so that immediate action can be taken on production deviations and delays.