ARXivar for Maglificio Gran Sasso

ATF case history for the customer Maglificio Gran Sasso

The company

Maglificio Gran Sasso Spa is a clothing company specialising in the production of knitwear that focuses on the quality of the fine natural yarns used and the use of traditional manufacturing techniques, combined with innovations in production processes. More than 400 employees work in the new production facility, which is designed for production, warehousing, administration and all company-related business activities.

The demand

Maglificio Gran Sasso spa needed a FAST and EFFECTIVE document management system to reduce the costs of internal processes. There were two possibilities for the company:

  • internal development of an application based on the history and knowledge of the company’s resources
  • purchase of an existing ‘product’ on the market, but one that was ‘flexible’ and easily customisable

The solution

  • Passive cycle: 30,000 dematerialised invoices
  • Active cycle: all active invoices, Bills of Lading and order confirmations since 2009 recovered
  • All mandatory registers are saved in ARXivar
  • Payroll/staff office: pay slips stored and sent to employees by email
  • Automatic mailing of outgoing documents