ARXivar for Merletti Aerospace

Sielco case history for customer Merletti Aerospace

The company

Merletti Aerospace has been operating since 1972.Precision mechanics, the core of production, finds its greatest application in the Aerospace and Defence fields, which are today the main focus of the section dedicated to design and construction.

The demand

Manage the commercial flow leading to the creation of the offer, ensuring linearity, timing and efficiency

  • When a request for a quotation is received, a great deal of information has to be gathered from different sources.
  • Technical drawings, any product sheets or documentation specific to that particular customer may be useful.
  • For some articles it is necessary to make use of external suppliers.

The Solution

The digital flow originates from the receipt of the quotation request by the customer and includes:

  • The addition of useful annexes for cost analysis and the formulation of the offer
  • Cost development management
  • The management of requests to possible external suppliers
  • The preparation of the final bid


  • The reporting activity to the Piedmont Region, which previously was carried out using Excel spreadsheets, is much more punctual and above all quicker.
  • The creation of a single corporate archive allows a “real time ” access to information.
  • Many manual input activities have been drastically reduced.
  • The implementation of workflow has facilitated the introduction of uniform working methods, allowing real monitoring of business processes.