ARXivar for Minipan

Talea Consulting ‘s case history for the customer Minipan

The company

Minipan is a company mainly focused on the international market, which designs, manufactures, sells and installs automation for the bakery industry. It was founded in 1985, taking over the business and know-how of “La Minipan di Folli S.r.l.”, manufacturers of bakery machinery since 1957.

The demand

Digitalisation for the efficiency of multiple business areas: from Purchasing to Sales, from Administration to HR, including GDPR compliant document management, to Technical Management.

All with the integration of multiple technologies to support and facilitate the company’s Digital Transformation process.

The solution


  • Active and passive invoice management with AS400 integration
  • Electronic invoicing management
  • Digital storage management of documents still received in paper format, through barcode capture
  • PEC management (traceability of received PECs and their replies)


  • Automatic sending of Purchase Orders and Non-Compliances shared through Links
  • Ensure traceability of document viewing by suppliers, with control of any revisions and automatic reminders in case of missed downloads


Integration with CRM and automatic generation of Service Reports by shared template, and prone to the following tasks:

  • Possible language translation for foreign customers
  • Approval process
  • Invoicing proposal to administration


  • Employee electronic file
  • Dematerialisation of the entire expense claim management process: from the acquisition of expense claims to the digital storage of all documentation.
  • Sending of pay slips to each employee’s personal email address through Arxivar Link, in compliance with GDPR
  • etc.


  • Order documentation: Organised in the order file, based on data interface with the AS400 system.
  • Technical interventions all over the world with editing of the working journal
  • Production reports