ARXivar for Mondo Acqua

Case history implemented by Smeup for the customer Mondo Acqua

The company

Mondo Acqua S.p.A. is a company with public share capital founded in August 2000; Mondo Acqua S.p.A. operates in the field of integrated water service, providing the services of capture and distribution of water for human consumption, management of the sewerage system and wastewater treatment.

The demand

As a result of a significant restructuring of the IT solution for the management of the water cycle, which was necessary in order to implement an effective management control, the direction of Mondo Acqua needed a tool that would ensure the implementation of the procedures dictated by the AEEGSI (Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water System), which imposes strict rules in order to ensure a quality service to users.

It was therefore looking for a solution that would allow to:

  • Formalising processes, respecting the operational uniqueness of the company
  • Standardising procedures, maintaining and updating them, and ensuring their uniformity
  • Forcing the organisation to operate according to rules (processes drive activities)
  • Eliminating inefficiencies and duplication
  • Supporting the decision-making process by providing timely reporting
  • It was also necessary to quickly launch the document platform and retrieve documents already stored in the previous solution.

The Solution

For document storage, an integration between ARXivar and Sme.UP ERP was implemented.

To store the Active Cycle documents, Spool Recognition rules were created to derive the information needed to populate the profile fields.

The storage of the Passive Cycle documents was carried out using the barcode technique, that is the affixing on the document to be acquired of a label formed according to shared rules to allow unattended mass scanning of documents.
The connector allows the printing / reprinting of barcode labels by retrieving the necessary information for document profiles directly from Sme.UP ERP.

All the work involved in storage, document organisation and process management did not disrupt the operators’ way of working.

Moreover, the integration allows documents stored in ARXivar to be consulted by the various Sme.UP ERP applications.


  • Optimising and simplifying employees’ work
  • Electronic access through mobile devices by the network of operators in the territory
  • Re-engineering of workflows underlying daily activities.
  • Faster collaborative processes
  • Direct access to the tracking system of all operations carried out.