ARXivar for Polirecuperi

Sielco case history for customer Polirecuperi

The company

Polirecuperi srl has been working in the environmental sector since 1984 and specialises in the recovery, storing, recycling and disposal of recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

The demand

Streamline internal and external management for all companies by standardising processes and centralising information.

  • Management of electronic supplier invoices received by SDI
  • Management of IV copies of Waste Forms
  • Management of service orders and confirmation of assignment
  • Management of leave requests/vacation by employees

The Solution

Supplier invoice management

  • Invoices received from SDI are stored in ARXivar, and can be seen using the style sheet.
  • Invoices go through an approval process. In case of refusal, it is requested to indicate the reason.
  • The result of the approval is forwarded by email to the administration for the correct handling of the invoice.
  • When the invoiceis registered within the management system, the data relating to the registration are added to the profile in ARXivar.

Management of IV copies of Waste Forms

  • The form is the document that follows the waste from the producer to the disposer. It is still printed on chemical paper and consists of 4 copies. Thanks to ARXivar’s Barcode service, a massive scan of the original document was managed. With a few simple clicks, the operator signs the documents with a remote certificate and confirms the PEC sending to the producer.

Gestione ordine di servizio

The service order is another important document for waste management. It is essential that the customer is informed of the expected day of collection. This service to the customer is guaranteed by an ARXivar process that manages the notification by email and the sending of a confirmation SMS.

  • Mass scanning of labelled documents
  • Digital signature of documents with remote certificate
  • Confirmation of assignment


  • Clear, efficient and transparent service for the customer
  • Manage business approval flows while maintaining traceability and implementing efficiency and timeliness
  • Centralise information and protect its security
  • Streamline the processes required by waste legislation, while maintaining the required validity.