ARXivar for Susa Trasporti

PFU case history for customer Susa Trasporti

The company

Susa Trasporti is a logistics operator working throughout the country with direct or corresponding branches.

The demand

Susa Trasporti needed to find a solution that could be integrated with its systems and technologies for the mass dematerialisation of Transport Documents at the departure branch.

The Solution

When the goods are collected and the delivery note is issued, the transport document is scanned using the modern Fujitsu fi-7160 scanners with which each warehouse is equipped. Scanned documents are stored and organised in ARXivar, no longer travel to the destination of the goods and are immediately available, in electronic format, to the recipient.


  • By dematerialising the delivery note on departure, there is no longer any need to transport it to its destination.
  • The entire internal supply chain of this document can access the dematerialised document from the portal