ARXivar for Sutter

Case history developed by Smeup for the customer Sutter

The company

Sutter Industries Spa is the Italian multinational company that manufactures and markets products for the cleaning and hygiene of domestic environments.

The demand

Sutter was looking for a flexible and customisable Information & Process Management platform to replace its previous solution.

The Solution

  • Retrieval of documents stored in the previous system
  • Storage of all passive cycle documents (bills, invoices) using barcode technology
  • Workflow for coding new final products.


  • Full autonomy in the management and implementation of the platform
  • Simplification of the process of storage of delivery notes and suppliers’ invoices
  • The management of the New Final Product Coding process developed with ARXivar has also made it possible to simplify, control and optimise the work of the users involved and to speed up times.
  • Users have expressed satisfaction with the ease of use of the product, its flexibility in integrating with the information system