ARXivar for Terre di Barolo

Case history developed by Bios Management for the customer Terre di Barolo

The company

Cantina Terre Del Barolo was founded in 1958 in Castiglione Falletto, among the vineyards that produce one of the world’s most famous wines, Barolo.

The demand

Terre del Barolo needed to optimise the process of facilities management and the company’s schedule of obligations.

The solution

With ARXivar and the implementation of a workflow, the winery can automate scheduled maintenance activities (as prescribed by the vendors), specifying periodicity and notice time. Once the activity has been performed, the user completes the intervention report.

Legal and regulatory requirements are recorded in the system and categorised by area, so that a complete overview of the requirements can be obtained. Regulatory deadlines are also calculated automatically and an alert task is brought to the user in charge.


  • All data previously managed in several Excel/Word files are now stored in one system and easily accessible.
  • Search tools allow to find information quickly.
  • The activity sheets allow to immediately see if an activity has been carried out.
  • The automatic timetable makes it possible to intervene promptly and avoid delays in maintenance with the consequent risk of equipment failure and damage.