ARXivar for Twinset

Case history developed by MCG for the customer Twinset

The company

Twinset is one of the leading Italian and international players in the womenswear and accessible luxury sector.

The demand

  • Manage the guided entry of all documents relating to the free export or import of goods.
  • Manage through a specific workflow the digital files containing all documents intended for customs.
  • Having traceability and monitoring of the outcomes coming from the customs offices

The Solution

Thanks to the use of the Information & Process Management ARXivar NEXT application, Twinset now manages:

  • Creation of an interface with preset templates for managing import and export documents.
  • Creation of a dedicated Digital Authorisation Workflow capable of handling the normal approval flow.
  • Approval and sending of the file by e-mail to the competent bodies.
  • Approval of customs and its importation and automatic association with the corresponding file.