ARXivar for Varvel

Case history by Talea Consulting for the customer Varvel

The company

Varvel Group has been designing and producing gearboxes and variators for small and medium power applications since 1955, operating internationally, with a high level of service and customised solutions, in compliance with quality, environmental, safety and corporate social responsibility standards.

The demand

Varvel needed a tool capable of streamlining its processes, often characterised by a strong interaction between different business areas, with the aim of dematerialising paper, speeding up the passage of information and, more generally, undertaking a complete Digital Transformation.

The Solution

  • Digital collection and management of the flow of all active and passive documents, such as orders, delivery notes and invoices.
  • management of all documentation generated to fulfil delivery practices in a paperless manner
  • Sharing of price list updates with all customers, including monitoring of their viewing
  • Easy management of tender requests to suppliers
  • Real-time analysis of historical supply trends.