ARXivar for VisitPiemonte

Case history developed by Bios Management for the customer VisitPiemonte

The company

VisitPiemonte is an in-house company of the Piedmont Region in which Unioncamere also has an interest for the cultural, artistic, naturalistic, tourist and agri-food enhancement of the territory.

The demand

  • Streamline and optimise internal staff procedures, with the aim of improving their effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Reporting on economic and financial aspects in a more analytical way.
  • Drawing up processes and models for specific analysis

The solution

  • Activity Management Area: Users can upload work reports, specifying the job, the type of activity carried out and providing all useful information for the subsequent six-monthly reporting.
  • Business Travel & Expense Report Management: at the same time as filling in job reports, business travel and expense reports are entered so that the costs incurred flow into the reporting system.
  • HR Portal: Each employee can access his or her own private area to download the payroll and ticket report generated from previously uploaded reports and expense accounts.
  • Authorisation processes: Previous paper forms have been computerised and workflows have been created for staff requests (holidays, leave, law 104, maternity).
  • Protocol Management: the registration of incoming and outgoing documents is done using ARXivar which generates and manages, through a reservation mechanism, the protocol number of correspondence.


  • The reporting to the Piedmont Region, which was previously done using Excel spreadsheets, is much more punctual and above all quicker.
  • The creation of a single corporate archive allows a “real time ” access to information.
  • Many manual input activities have been drastically reduced.
  • The implementation of workflows has facilitated the introduction of uniform working methods, allowing real monitoring of business processes.