Document management: what is it?

A Document Management System is a software solution used to centralise, organise and share documents securely. As the complexity of procedures and regulations increases, so does the amount of information to be managed.

In order to optimise the management of company information, document management systems (DMS) can be used: software that keeps track of the various versions of the document (and changes made) by managing procedures and document flows (workflow).

Looking for the best solution to manage

i documentile informazionii requisiti normativi ?

Document management makes it possible to digitise processes, managing the entiredocument lifecycle in an organised way and improving the efficiency of companies of all sizes. The features of an efficient document management platform are:


Integration with the systems used in the company for total management centralisation.


Smart access to information from wherever you are and whatever device you use.


A reliable document system ensures the right levels of encryption of stored data.


All steps in the life cycle of a document are managed by automated systems.


Information shared and controlled by setting the correct access levels.


Digital storage is the final step towards true paperless document management.


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ARXivar NEXT is the web-based document management platform already chosen by over 4000 Italian companies to optimise information management and administrative processes in compliance with regulations.

Document Management Projects

ARXivar already supports the document management of thousands of companies of all sizes throughout Italy.