Electronic Invoice: what is it?

An electronic invoice is a digital document with the same value as a paper invoice, and in Italy it is mandatory from 1 January 2019 for all companies.

Legislative Decree 52/2004 established that the elements required to ensure the validity of an electronic invoice are:

  • FORMAT: The required format for the e-Invoice document is XML;
  • TIME STAMP: The invoice must show the date and time of creation;
  • SIGNATURE: the authenticity of the document is guaranteed by the holder’s certified signature;
  • TRANSMISSION: The invoice must be sent through the Interchange System (SdI), which checks it and, if the information is correct, sends the invoice to the recipient.

Electronic invoicing in 3 practical steps:


Software fatturazione elettronica: scopri regole, obblighi e come conservare le tue fatture

IX-FE is the accredited service that manages all stages of sending and receiving electronic invoices to/from private companies, to final purchasers and to the Public Administration, including for subcontractors (as required by the new legislation).

The IX-FE Service allows:

  • Store and organise XML invoices in a single platform that can be integrated with existing management systems
  • Receive XML invoices and send acceptance/rejection notifications
  • Search and consult issued invoices, accompanied by SdI messages and notifications, from any mobile device
  • IX-FE also allows digital storage through the IX-CE Service.
  • IX-FE can be integrated with ARXivar for FULL DIGITAL management of active and passive business processes.

Are you interested in e-Invoicing solutions?


Digital signature

To be considered valid, an electronic invoice must contain the digital signature of the issuer. The digital signature can be applied to the document in two different ways:

  • Using the Digital Signature
  • Delegating a software house to sign documents on behalf of the company owner

Electronic invoice storage

ARXivar offers AGID-accredited electronic storage solutions both in-house (i.e. on the company’s internal information systems) and as an outsourcing service that takes care of all stages of the electronic storage process on behalf of the company.

Fatturazione elettronica: regole, obblighi e conservazione. Scopri il software fatturazione elettronica