GDPR ARXivar 2

Be GDPR compliant through process management

By May 25, 2018 it will be mandatory to be compliant to the new european reagulation on personal data protection, GDPR, which aim is to GDPR, whose goal is to regulate how companies process, store and destroy users' personal data.

Le novità

Among the most important news:

  • the request to demonstrate full compliance to the new regulation;
  • the Notification Duty (within 72 hours) to the Authority and to the single users in case of damage or data loss;
  • the privacy and security warranty by products and services design ..

    “Approaching the new regulation from developer point of wiew, we can realize that there is no discrepancy with the previous regulations (D. Lgs. 196/2003 – well known as as Privacy Law” sasys Mr Dimitri Zanella, Able Tech Business Developer. “This new regulation is more about a target redefinition. The important shift is from a to do list of requirements, to a new approach looking to objectives, cross-cutting to all sectors”. The new regulation will be customized according to each Company needs, and they will be in charge to demonstrate all the information process from the documentation , process and security point of view.

    ARXivar for GDPR Management

    How is it actually possible to manage a GDPR in an efficient manner? can answer that integrating the different ERP in use, ARXivar allows to concentrate the management of procedures, process and information to GDPR requirement. Arxivar embodies an approach based on process management by design, as suggested by ne new Law, all data keeps tracked, identified and shown. ARXivar itself thanks to its workflow, will guide all the process.

    Privacy Impact Assesment

    Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) can be defined from the very beginning as well as risk management for every single data, through an efficient configuration of the Company’s workflow. ARXivar allows to set verification deadlines, classifying the risks according to the impact and probability variables

    Data breach

    Eventuali Data Breach, notificati puntualmente grazie alla possibile integrazione con sistemi di security intelligence, scatenano una serie di workflow per gestire la classificazione della violazione dei dati, l’eventuale comunicazione agli utenti interessati e l’invio dell’avviso, tramite modello predefinito, all’Autorità competente

    Data Security

    Data Security Guarantee is the system base concept. ARXivar guarantees the information integrity, protects and tracks all archive accesses, protects through cryptography and keeps available information only adopting authentication protocols which are guaranteed by the international security standards. The platform allows a creation of access structure that can be configured upon users’ specific needs, document status or departments

    GDPR and further...

    Company chances are more cross-cutting than ever! Apart the bureaucracy point of view, GDPR and all CEN rules, is intended to give inputs torwards the optimization of a logical organization on process, aiming to manage risks, increase efficiency and customers feedback according to standards. Able Thech has been supporting in this process companies for 15 yearsalready, offering customized solutions of Information& Process Management.