ARXivar Certified Cribis

Able Tech gains the "Cribis Prime Company" for commercial reliability

CRIBIS D&B is a company specialized in providing economic information, credit scoring and solutions for business strategies. Able Tech has been granted of CRIBIS Prime Company Rating 1 recognition, that certifies the highest level of business network reliability and it is issued annually to the 8% of the over 6 million Italian companies.

The certification, based on the calculation of business reliability, considers many variables: balance, payment history, default or insolvency informations and, of course, legal status, geographical area and company size and seniority.

The recognition vouches the high level of solidity of our company and represents an additional guarantee for all the business partners and customers, who have chosen and will choose Able Tech as technological supplier.

ARXivar Certified Cribis



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