On 27 September, at the Auditorium Antonianum in Rome, Able Tech will take part in the workshop “Documentary systems: examples, applications, perspectives”.

As part of the Master in  Education, Management and Preservation of Digital Archives in the Public and Private Sector (fgcAD),  Able Tech will participate  in the workshop Document Systems: examples, applications, perspectives,  presenting and analysing the functions and potential of its solutions for document management , with particular focus on:

  • Compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with the support of ARXivar workflows
  • Standard digital storage
  • B2B electronic invoicing and integrated digital management of the active and passive cycle
  • The transversal benefits of a process approach  and integration of information systems

The workshop will enable   the  discussion between providers and users of document systems through face-to-face presentations  ,  question time and debate. Indications will be given on the characteristics that document systems must have  for increasingly efficient, compliant and  innovative services  in the  field  of  document management and digital storage. 

Dimitri Zanella, Business Development Manager at Able Tech, will be the speaker.

The workshop is free and no reservation is necessary. 

Auditorium Antonianum

27 September 2018 | 2.30 pm – 5.30 pm
Viale Manzoni, 1 – Roma