This is another step on the road to recognising the quality and safety of our services.

After achieving accreditation in October 2015, we also obtained AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale) accreditation, which is necessary to be admitted to the list of suppliers authorised to provide electronic storage services to PA bodies and entities.

We are now officially positioned among the Italian excellences in the field of digital document storage. AgID accreditation provides strict evaluation criteria and curators are submitted to constant supervisory activities to verify compliance with the requirements over time.

Evaluation parameters include:

  • Managing access to files
  • Business continuity and backup management
  • Risk analysis
  • Identifying the contents of the storage manual
  • Document flow management
  • The characteristics of the SW systems used

Contacting an accredited registrar is therefore a guarantee of quality and reliability for all those who want to use a service that only a few players in Italy are able to offer.

“We have invested a lot in obtaining this accreditation. It is the formalisation of the highest security standards in document management, which we have always ensured for our customers”, says Claudio Vigasio, CEO and President of Able Tech.