The fifth edition of ARXivar NEXT YEAR, the event dedicated to sharing ARXivar news with the selected community of Business Partners, ended on Friday 29 September.

The fifth  edition of ARXivar NEXT YEAR, the event dedicated to sharing ARXivar news with the selected community of Business Partners, ended on Friday 29 September.

How Digital Transformation impacts companies

The event was opened by Andreas Schwalm, communications consultant at Assintel, who explained how digital transformation is radically transforming the business world:Digital transformation has caused a domino effect. It is a trend that creates considerable expectations in companies and people, which, in order to be met, drive new solutions that evolve the technology market, contributing to the emergence of other expectations. A vicious circle that accelerates progress in different areas of work. But it is not enough: if it is true that digitalisation makes the country better, there is a need for ambassadors to spread the culture of renewal to their customers, who are often faced with cost items that need to be cut.â

And it was exactly this role of ambassadors of innovation that was reiterated at the opening by Claudio Vigasio, President and CEO of Able Tech, who recalled the mission of Able Tech and its community:We want to simplify document and information managementin companies, saving time and resources for value-added activities, and we want to take full advantage of the regulatory changes introduced with the electronic invoice also between private individuals. To build together a reality suitable for the challenges of modernity â

ARXivar NEXT at the start

In this sense, ARXivar has always been a technological tool to support innovative processes, and even more so in the new release presented in its final version at Next Year and officially on the market, ARXivar NEXTwhich connects information management, process management and collaboration tools in a single system that can also be used on the move.

The user at the centre

According to the growth in the use of mobile devices that has revolutionised the way we work and made it multichannel, the interface of the platform is totally web and responsive.

Through the Desktop Manager it is possible to fully customise menus, desktops and commands, defining for which devices and users/groups a specific layout should work. The user has completely customised tools at his disposal.

Plug in – a single electronic working desk

Con ARXivar NEXT any external web service can be called up. The user has a single “electronic working desk” with ARXivar and external tools and information. It is also possible to develop totally customised commands and pages.

Social collaboration Tools

An integrated chat makes corporate communication faster and more functional by eliminating standard and dispersive means of collaboration (Skype, mail, smsâ¦). It is possible to exchange information and objects ARXivar directly in chat, defining the viewing and editing permissions. The shared element is immediately usable.

For existing customers, data porting from previous versions is of course assured, as it always has been, while the company expects to accelerate ARXivar NEXT’s market penetration also thanks to a new, extremely competitive business model.

Present and future

During the event, Able Tech’s economic performance was also shared:+10% turnover compared to 2016,  has allowed for an increase in internal resources. In one year, the number of employees has risen from 56 to 69, including the new commercial director. Stefano Nalesso Ercolin, supported by an Academy that periodically offers partners and customers the opportunity to keep updated on the latest ARXivar innovations, obtaining certifications that represent a guarantee of quality towards their interlocutors.   But that’s not all: the challenge has already begun with expansion abroad, as already  anticipated in the spring. Not only Europe but also South America, with an initial approach to the  Argentinean market.

It promises to be a very successful Next Year.