Information is a fundamental asset for companies: knowing how to manage it correctly is a must for any organisation.

Over the last few years, the ability of companies to manage information (i.e. how it is stored, structured, protected and disseminated within the organisation) has become crucial in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Unstructured data and information are constantly generated: in emails, in chats, in CRMs, in network units. This, combined with the huge increase in remote working in 2020, has put the need for advanced information management solutions such as ARXivar in the spotlight.

Virtuous trends for information management IN 2021

Access to information anywhere, anytime

The year 2020 will get into the history books. The whole world was shocked by the pandemic and for companies this meant deploying a large remote workforce to ensure business continuity. Workers needed access to company information and files at home as well as in the office. Therefore, an essential part of any flexible remote working strategy has had and still has at its core a web-based information management platform, accessible from any device. ARXivar provides access to information from anywhere and on any device.

Improving information availability through centralisation and advanced searching

More than 60% of workers need access to at least four systems. Employees should not be forced to switch from one application to another, from one programme to another and from one system to another to find the information they need.

ARXivar centralises documents and information, regardless of which third-party systems they come from, so that they can be organised and managed in efficient and optimised workflows. It is also possible to search all document profile fields, attachments and annotations, sender/receiver master data and within the document itself.

Friendly and attractive user interface

Users, now more than ever, expect dynamic interfaces in business, just like in their personal lives.

ARXivar with its web interface has put the emphasis on the user experience. The platform makes it possible to customise the working interface of each user/group of users, taking into account the device used.

Web demo ARXivar

ARXivar integrates in a single low-code platform the features of process and information management with the most innovative features of collaboration, mobile working and customer experience.

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