The new release of ARXivar NEXT is out: fully web-based workflow, simplified authentication system and Microsoft 365 integration.

With a constant eye on the evolution of technologies, user habits and market context, ARXivar has always been a platform for optimising and simplifying the exchange of information and the management of business processes.

In this sense, the newest ARXivar NEXT 2.4 release evolves further, becoming even more customisable and powerful.

Among the most significant innovations:

  1. Web workflow
  2. Simplified Authentication System
  3. Web-based graphical signature
  4. Microsoft 365 integration

1.Web workflow

With the new, fully web-based, workflow modeller designing, managing and monitoring processes is even easier and more graphically intuitive.

2.Simplified Authentication System

As part of improving the integration of ARXivar with the systems that the company uses, ARXivar NEXT, with the new release 2.4, makes it possible to simplify and automate Login processes to the various platforms without having to manage multiple user names and passwords.

3.Web-based graphical signature

In the interests of process optimisation, it is now possible, directly from the ARXivar NEXT portal, to insert a graphic signature in pdf documents, e.g. from a tablet.

4.Microsoft 365 integration

The optimisation of the user interface evolves further by integrating into the platform itselfMicrosoft 365 applications.


APPs have become an integral part of everyone’s life, exemplifying web activities. For this reason, all the features of version 2.4 are also available via Android and iOS apps.

  • Automatic login to speed up access.
  • Push Notification: evidence from the APP icon of the number of incoming notifications.
  • Funzionalità : search and archive, access to files and views and task management.