Teleworking is not synonymous with smartworking. ARXivar is the web platform that enables smartworking by centralising and digitalising information.

In this historical period, everyone is talking about “smartworking” although it means much more than being able to work remotely.

Smartworking is a change in the way of working based on the principles of customisation, flexibility e digitalisation. In all of this, technology plays a key role: when we talk about Digital Transformation applied to work, we are referring to the use of advanced technologies toconnect people, places and information to business processes, with the aim of increasing productivity .

In this context, it is clear that smartworking can only be achieved by digitalising company information, centralising it and making it easily accessible to all ‘remote’ users.


ARXivar NEXT is the web-based Information & Process Management platform that makes this possible. The system centralises all corporate information regardless of the third-party systems from which it originates and the device used by the user to consult, use and exchange it.

The platform allows to:

  • Design and automatebusiness processes.
  • Digitise, manage, store and share business documents from any location or device.
  • Exchange information outwards through links and inwards through chat.
  • Monitor the progress of activities .

All this with the guarantee that business documents are not lost, modified, losing important information for the company. Setting the levels of access to information also ensures the right confidentiality parameters.

White paper | smartworking