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ARXivar Next

ARXivar Next: document & process management, and collaboration tools in a single platform!

ARXivar NEXT is the new release of ARXivar that combines the features of process and information management and the features of the most updated collaboration , mobile working and customer experience tools.

Logo Arxivar Next Small

Interface / Structure

Responsive, multi tenant, customizable

ARXivar Next allows to create the entire workflow of each user / group of users, according to the device you are using.

With Desktop Manager you can completely customize menus, desktops, and commands by defining which devices and users / groups a specific layout will work. The user has fully customized tools.

The web interface is compatible with all major operating systems, browsers, and devices.



It is possible to call any web service

With ARXivar you can call any external web service. The user has a single 'electronic work desk' with both ARXivar's and external services' tools and information.

It is also possible to develop totally custom commands and pages.




Arxivar Next Chat


Social collaboration tools

The internal chat eases and centralizes communication and interaction. It is possible to exchange ARXivar information and objects directly in chat, defining their viewing and editing permissions. The shared element is immediately usable.




Integration with Office 365/Google Apps

A single interface, more and more web services

ARXivar can be integrated with Office 365 and with Google Apps to increase productivity and synergy with the most commonly used work tools. A unique environment that combines the best of each platform and web service.