Arxivar Information Management

Document management


The entire organization is crossed by information which is also moving on "roads". ARXivar allows you to manage any type of document and information. Say goodbye to data losses in PCs, network drives, email, USB sticks, websites ...

  • Centralization of information
  • Improved sharing and search
  • Information Security
  • Optimized workflow


With ARXivar you can organize documents and information in dossiers, association and relationship

Documents and different types of information ( such as draws, emails, contracts, customer/provider orders) concerning the same order or customer or employee, are related automatically (or manually) during the record step.
You can also trace documents and information by simply add #hashtags.

ARXivar Organizzazione


Document digital archiving frees information from paper form and ease management and search

With ARXivar you can archive any type of document (Word, Excel, Power Point, images, videos, emails, fax...) from different systems (ERP, CRM, Quality system, etc.)
All information are centralized and searchable.

ARXivar Archiviazione

Inside the document

With ARXivar you can search information directly inside the documents thanks to the powerfull OCR engine

With OCR service, you can search even deeper into the document, also inside pdf scanned text. ARXivar merge the power of a full text engine to the accurancy of the search through metadata.

ARXivar Prodotto Gestione Documentale Dentro Il Documento


Customizable search tools: documents and information avaible within a few clicks!

ARXivar's search engine executes searches in all the document's profile fields, in attachements and notes, in sender's and receiver's anagraphic data, in every folder in the electronic storage... also in FULL-TEXT mode!
YOu can customize the results grid and also record frequent searches.

ARXivar Ricerca

Distribution and sharing

With ARXivar you can distribute documents through different channels and trace these it

ARXivar allow sending documents according to distribution lists, through email, fax, post services, and htt/https links. Each sharing is trace to garantee the full control of distribution.
Integration with: MS Exchange | Lotus Domino | MS Outlook | Lotus Notes | Main Fax Server

ARXivar Prodotto Gestione Documentale Dentro Il Documento

Integrity and confidentiality

ARXivar ensureS documents integrity and confidentiality, as required by ISO/IEC 27001

Each stored document is no longer editable: the table of revisions is available all the time. All operations are traceable in the document log. ARXivar also allows to handle confidentiality levels through access permissions to class documents and to a single document.

ARXivar Prodotto Gestione Documentale Integrita E Riservatezza

Corporate template

Shared format for documentation that is shared and in standard

With ARXivar you can generate corporate template to create many different types of documents (proposal, press releases, invoice, quality forms, stationery) and make them available for the entire company. Creating the template is a guided process and editing them is possible only through clearance.
This is the ideal solution for companies wishing to control documents creation with precise standards.

ARXivar Prodotto Gestione Documentale Modelli Aziendali Univoci

Digital signing

Sign your digital documents as on paper with fully legal warranty and pros of dematerialisation.

Digital signing enables to gather subscriber's signature, using proper desktop and mobile devices.


  • Close contracts and negotiations that require signature from your device
  • Delete documents in paper form
  • Reduce timing of management for all kind of practices

How it works
With a tablet and an electronic pen, ARXivar catch signature, dynamics data and biometric parameters (rhythm, speed, pressure, accelleration, movements) that make each signature unique.

OFF LINE too! It's also possible to connect with ARXivar, download documents on tablet and then search and digitally sign documents in off-line mode, and upload them in ARXivar once back online

ARXivar Prodotto Firma Grafometrica

Remote digital signature

Digital signature without pen or smart card

  • High security level
  • Rapid service activation timing
  • User is free from hardware installation
  • All Pubblic Administration must accept files with digital signature
  • Time saving: bach attachment on many documents simultaneously

How it works
To sign documents with a remote signature you just need to subscribe a certificate and from any device (WEB, mobile or desktop) through ARXivar you can select the digital document and digitally sign it.
The signature comes with a remote server access (HSM) with a password request ( User's Password or One Time Password).

ARXivar Prodotto Firma Digitale Remota

...and much more!

  • Create a searchable report based on whatever search or view in Arxivar
  • Export in cvs format and print results
  • Electronic signature and validation tools within ARXivar platform ( no need of external services)
  • Bach edit on profile's data
  • Preview in main format
ARXivar Prodotto Gestione Documentale Funzioni Extra

Share and send documents

ARX Drive

ARX Drive

Corporate dropbox

ARX Drive is the EFSS solution that allows you to share and sync your business documents anytime, anywhere and from any device.

ARX Link

ARX Link

Light emails and report on openenings

ARX Link is the advanced management solution for corporate communications to send documents via LINK http or https.

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