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PeppolL, acronym for Pan-European Public Procurement Online, is an initiative developed as part of the European Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, which has the aim of dematerialising all paper exchanges relating to order cycles and providing incentives for adopting the use of digital documents, thanks to a unique digital platform.

Invoice Xchange is the portal for issuing and managing Electronic Invoices and for managing the exchange of orders and delivery notes with Public Administrations

Peppol Access Point

Access point

IX PEPPOL is the intermediary access point between supplier and Public Administration for the receipt of orders and sending delivery notes according to PEPPOL standards



The portal has been created with maximum focus on usability

Digital Management

Digital Management

All documents managed via the portal can be digitally archived, according to individual company preferences, with no further user operation required

All orders received by the PAs can be viewed and downloaded. The system sends email notification of the arrival of every order

Peppol XML Format

Peppol XML Format

To create delivery notes in the case of the system is not yet configured for PEPPOL xml format, the file can be created directly rom the document PDF, or data can be inserted manually via a dedicated wizard.




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