Business Process Management (powered by Workflow Designer)


Making more efficient internal exchange of data and documents means to arrive before the expected result.ARXivar is the Business Process Management platform (BPM) that models flowcharts, guides and facilitates the user in the execution of the activities and analyzes the trends of processes. ARXivar supports thousands of business processes for thousands of companies of all sizes throughout Italy.


Using the graphic Designer, with arrows and shape, you define actions, constraints, timing and participants for each activity.
And you can do all this, without writing a single line of code!


ARXivar's workflow makes activities' execution easier. And they come directly on the desktop of the right employee. The user is guided in operations for any task of the process.


With ARXivar you can monitor the execution of each process to identify gaps in efficiency, bottleneck and calculate KPI in a very short time.

  • Drag&Drop Workflow Designer

    With ARXivar design a process is the easiest thing! All workflow stages are set with graphic through graphic tools, without coding! Drag&drop shapes and arrows, you determine automatic and manual actions, constraints, timing and users.

    Speed, flexibility in workflow and exceptions

    The Workflow Designer makes user indipendent in creating and modifing the structure and logic of activities' workflow. In a few clicks is possible to modify at once an ongoing process

    Document life cycle

    ARXivar manage the document during all his life cycle: draft, approval, shipping, sharing etc. During the configuration stage you define every step and the users involved.

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  • Simplified operation

    ARXivar 's workflow engine ease and speed up activities' progress, reported through notifications.
    Boring and repetitive taks are left are left to the platform, while the user needs just a few click to perform his job
    For each tasks the user is guided with detailed instructions on operation to performe. Priority and useful information stand out in the context panel and all documantation management tools are easy avalaible.

    Interactive and automatic process

    Ongoing processes can be interactive (involving and guiding user in operations and activities), and automatic (focus on crossover with third part systems).


    • User is right away enable to use the platform through easy tools
    • Tasks priority and other information stand out
    • Tasks and interface are fully customizable by users
    • You can run directly external software
    • Attachments and notes
    • Direct access to tracing system actions taken
  • Traceability and measurement

    ARXivar can analyze performances of an ongoing workflow, to get informations valuable to the evaluation of business performances trend. Control and reporting tools allow management to oversee and handle issus in real time.

    Performances analysis in documents management

    ARXivar provide a full range of filters in DB usefull to analyze document movements and directly display it

    Process analysis

    For example you can count how many process were set up and closed in un a time period and compair it to standards, or can measure delays and performance...

    User performance analysis

    assigned tasks and workload analysis, bottleneck, etc...

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