Rules management

Every company must submit daily to numerous internal rules (procedures) and external (regulations, laws, regulations, international and national standards). But how many companies have full awareness and control of these rules in their entirety? ARXivar allows you to:

  • Develop a unique, shared and updated system to ensure the compliance to the current law and procedures
  • Turn internal procedures into guided processes

  • Legal Compliance Management

    Legal standards now require to handle management risk in business.

    In order to do so, companies have to implement a control system unique, integrated and dynamic: above all it should reduce the complexity of management and optimize resources.

    This is what ARXivar does

    Process Management

    • Split process into steps and determine activities
    • Plan timing for each process
    • Declare the «ownership of the process»
    • Produce documentation for the process
    • Monitoring and control of process
    • Mail, Alert / reminder
    • Reports

    Document Management

    • Document recognition
    • Process Document Classification
    • Document Progress Status Management(Temporary, Confirmed, To update)
    • Document Sharing Mode Mangement
    • Document archiving management

    With ARXivar you can:

    • Formalize processes, while respecting the company's identity
    • Standardize, handle and update procedures, ensuring their consistency
    • Make the organization to operate according to rules (processes lead activities)
    • Eliminate inefficiencies and duplications
    • Support decision making by providing timely reporting and clear taxonomy of documents, information and processes

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