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Able Tech drives companies in creating digital processes with ARXivar , starting with best practices. It is compliant and customizable to every company.

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Multichannel Communication Management

ARXivar allows managing all phases of sending and receiving business communications Internal or external, in the most common formats and multiple channels, with the option to enable approved workflows


  • Certified Email
  • Email
  • Electronic document
  • Paper
  • Fax


Each ARXivar user can view incoming documents, process them, and eventually start sharing them.


User can format and compose communications text with presets

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Contract management with graphometric signature

ARXivar allows a full paperless management of all stages of the process of contract formalization, both "desk" and remotely.


  • Fill client list from ERP and generate document

  • Displays on screen, the contents of the document

  • Use Graphometric Signature Tablet to Collect Customer Signature

  • At the end of the procedure, signed documents are stored in a special folder and divided by type.

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Certified Email

ARXivar has a standard function for full control of all Certified Email management phases, easy and safe.


  • Send and archive Certified emails, reconciling automatically accepting and delivering receipts

  • Store Certified sent and received Emails even with third party systems (webmail, ERP, etc)

  • Sort incoming Certified Email to relevant offices

  • Support in the editorial and approval process with digital signature of documents sent via Certified Email

  • Search Certified Emails for indexing or full-text search in content

  • Track delivery status of Certified Emails sent and read status received ones

  • In house or in cloud Compliant Archiving

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Expenses report digital management

ARXivar solution for managing your spending notes enables the dematerialization of the entire process : from acquiring expense documentation to digital archiving of all documentation


  • Acquisition with smartphones or tablets
  • Acquisition with scanner

Data Extraction

  • OCR recognizes the documents by distinguishing invoices, receipts, etc.
  • OCR extracts: date of issue, VAT, issuer and total expense

Reconciliation of the report as recognized by the OCR

The system populates a report by associating each receipt to the correct line . The report can be signed handwritten or digitally.

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